Marianne is a human being with profound empathy, healthy realism, and an extremely open and authentic spirituality which she warmly applies in her work to help other people. I have the pleasure of knowing her personally, and I am grateful for her integrity, trustworthiness, and her empathetic being. I give Marianne my sincerest of recommendations as a professional from whom you can safely seek advice and help in your life's journey.


Søren Hauge
Spiritual teacher, coach, and author

Dear Marianne,

Because of my therapy sessions with you as my therapist, I have experienced many transformations and changes in my life. First within, and then in turn also in my outer world.  You are wonderfully empathetic with people. I felt both seen, heard, and understood by you. I've always known that some of my behavioral patterns are reflections of my childhood and adolescence, but I have never understood how to change my thoughts and behaviors. You have really helped me. Now I can distinguish between my subpersonalities, and to my great joy, a young subpersonality has emerged: an adventurous and playful child who brings both enthusiasm and joy.

It is as if I now really understand - not only conceptually but also in my heart - that through the challenges we meet in our life we find the potential for growth. I accept my tough growing, thankful for the depth and understanding I would not have had without the challenges. I strongly feel that I am on the right path, with many good qualities. I am ready to let my light shine, and you helped me on my journey.

Thank you, dear Marianne.



Marianne is a fantastic therapist! She is an extremely kind and loving person to be with. She is caring, intuitive, and level-headed in her approach to her therapy. During my sessions with Marianne, she was always capable of sense what I needed and what techniques would be helpful for me, and then apply these in a way that was suited for me and my situation. She is very present and I really had a sense that she has been by my side through both the good and challenging times. After each therapy session, I left with renewed drive and a surprising feeling of sudden progress or being thankful for the ability to take on a new perspective. She made sure I left with a feeling of hope or newfound spirit.


I think it is rare to find a therapist as attentive as Marianne. She sees all of you and is very understanding and loving in an authentic way, and she also had us laugh together. I give her my warmest recommendations, and I am thankful to have met her.



Rikke Nielsen

I have met Marianne as a clairvoyant and as a therapist. It has been a great privilege to meet her and her sweetness. She really cares for clients, she is a kind of person that you can’t help feeling drawn to.


Through her psychic readings, she has given me hope, hope for a better life for myself. Through therapy, she has shown me the way to achieve the better life. She has taken me through a journey to heal the wounds I have from my life. She can’t remove the pain, but she has shown me a way of living with the pain and having a life no matter what has happened. I am stronger, more aware of my feelings and my weaknesses, which makes me more able to cope. I am not there yet and I don’t know if I ever will be, but the journey is much easier. I owe her a lot.


Last year I was on sick leave due to stress. I had to work through many meetings with my manager at the time where I needed to be able to argue my case, take responsibility for myself, and put my foot down. When sick with stress it is not easy to find the strength and required mental resources, and it is important to be conscious of the lessons and learnings from such a situation.

My union provided me with 4 visits to a psychologist, but it was only when I started my sessions with Marianne that I got the tools I needed for my meetings and the healing process.

What was so special about Marianne’s therapy was that she helped me to “see” myself, to understand the process I was going through - one that involved some past sorrows that I had never dealt with. My new understanding of myself and the process gave me more resources and renewed energy.

Before my sessions with Marianne, I would try to find solutions using logic - but this was insufficient when the pain and trauma were trapped in my body. Today, I have become good at seeking within, listening to myself and my body, and I know what to do when I am faced with aspects of myself that needs special attention.

I warmly recommend Marianne’s therapy: She is welcoming and warm, with a good sense of humor, care, and compassion. She is very, very good at what she is doing.

Mette Juel 


Marianne Milton is an extremely gifted Medium, as well as an Intuitive Counselor.  Her strong desire to help others to heal from their emotional pain is a gift in itself.  I have worked with Marianne numerous times over the past few years. She is a beautiful soul with the utmost integrity...


Pat Longo

Spiritual Healer, and Teacher of Spiritual Awareness

(The teacher of the Long Island Medium)

It was a very special experience, the feeling of being so close to my brother and yet so far away, knowing that I won't see him again, but that he'll always be close to me. I have never been to a sitting before, but I did not doubt for a second that I wanted to do it, now that I lost my beloved brother.

Marianne took her time to let my parents and me get comfortable with the situation. The first thing she told us was that my brother was so happy! He was now free of his pain and of the body he had been trapped in. I'm aware that this is a general message, but it meant the world to me. She told us that it was important for him to let us know that he never felt as a burden, although some things had been problematic.

Several times I thought to myself that it could not be that one can communicate with those who have passed, no matter how much I wanted to. Those thoughts were brought to an end - once and for all - when Marianne told us thanks from my brother for the things we had done at his funeral: my speech to him in the church and the two items we had placed in his coffin with him, a letter and a home-made wooden bowl from his garden. There is no way Marianne could have known what was in his coffin.

Marianne passed on many messages that made a lot of sense to us but would not have for others, who did not know my brother. She was very precise and good at delivering the messages my brother was sending.

This experience was very important to me - intense, loving, and peaceful. I look forward to seeing my brother again one day when the time is right.



Thanks Marianne  


It was wonderful spending time in your presence and have you read the threads of colour around me. I just love the work you do. The information you gave in the session was very accurate. I also loved the way you were able to translate it into English in such a clear and precise way. It was also really nice to spend time with someone who is so dedicated to serving with integrity and honesty.  


I wish you much success.  







I have been so fortunate to have experienced a sitting with Marianne, where she made a connection with someone close and dear to me, who unfortunately passed away in tragic circumstances. Marianne had no idea who I hoped to connect with and this made the experience even more special. Marianne was very precise in her description of his personality. She could describe information unique to him, who he was and how he had passed over and gave me validation beyond doubt that he was present with us. 


Marianne was very loving and respectful in her way of facilitating the communication and the messages she passed on. Most importantly she was comforting,  protective, and empathetic to my grief of a lost one close to my heart. I wish for anyone in a similar situation to experience this special connection facilitated by Marianne - as she is honest and loving in her mediumship and her approach to connecting with the other side.


Anne Libonati

Before I had my sitting with Marianne, I thought: "Right...  let's just see if anything comes through." I wasn't skeptic but open to the idea that no one would come through.

It didn't take long before there was a feeling of "someone" wanting to get through to me. Marianne's information quickly made it clear to me that it was my father who had a message for me. I was very touched when she mentioned my father's pocket watch that my brother now has. But it was not until Marianne let me know that my father was happy that I had his chess set that I let go of all doubt of his presence. My father's chess set is very dear to me, as it is one of the few things I have left from him.

The message he had from me was that he is proud of me being on the right path. I felt the loving presence of my father and it gave me so much peace, both then and now,  that I know that he and my mother are still there and see me.

Marianne's approach to connecting with the other side, her presence, and her down-to-earth attitude, is clear and authentic. I have great confidence in her mediumship and her work as a psychotherapist.


Dorte Eldrup, Psychotherapist

"Red shoes" has a very special meaning to me, and even more so after my session with Marianne. It is the title of a song, which my mother loved, a song that also helped me in my grieving after my mother passed. When Marianne said that a woman on the other side wanted to connect and that she kept showing her red shoes, then I was no longer in doubt about who was trying to get through.


Marianne's description of my mother and her style was spot on. When Marianne brought the lack of jewellery up I was a bit puzzled, but then it occurred to me that I usually always wear jewellery, and so did my mother. But today, I had chosen to wear none of my jewellery, which was unusual for both my mother and me.


The precise descriptions and messages about things that only I could know has made me lose my skepticism and doubt about life after death. In Marianne's calm presence I was able to relax even if it was an overwhelming and vulnerable experience to be in a conversation with my mother through another human being. My reading with Marianne has given me a closer connection to my mother, even across worlds. Love conquers all, even death. Thanks for you, Marianne


When I came to my reading with Marianne, I had a wish to connect with my grandmother who died when I was 12 years old. I brought a few items that belonged to my grandmother and when Marianne saw these, she said: "It looks like you'd like to connect with an older person, but I've actually had a young man coming through since last night. Did you know a guy, about your own age, who crossed over to the other side?"
I'm was little confused, but I then remembered, one of my old friends from high school called Christian who died several years ago. Marianne showed me that she had written 'Christian' on a piece of paper before I arrived.
Later in the session, he showed her a piece of jewelry, which was very special because his parents own a jewelry company. He died of smoke poisoning in his apartment while he was under the influence of alcohol. And that was exactly what Marianne sensed. There were also other things that brought validation, including some dates of significance.
Next, my grandmother came through. She showed Marianne, among other things, her dog and her green sofa, which I remember from my childhood. My grandmother died of cancer and had facial surgeries. At one point, Marianne had a bad headache and felt her right eye was falling out, which makes a lot of sense as my grandma almost lost her right eye during one of these surgeries.
It was a great experience for me to have a reading with Marianne. Certainly beyond what I expected. I have no doubt that there is more between heaven and earth than we can see and hear. I give Marianne my warmest recommendations.

I was quite skeptical when we decided to get a house clearing, but something had to happen. We had bought a house from the estate of a deceased person and started to experience peculiar events that we could not explain. We would hear the front door being locked when in the living room around 10 pm. Our 2-year old son refused to be alone in any rooms and would sometimes run to us in a panic because he saw a man.


We decided to get help from Marianne, and I will never forget this because this made me realize that there is more between heaven and earth.


Marianne informed us that it was the previous owner of the house and accurately described some things that confused him. These corresponded to some changes we had made to the house. In addition, Marianne delivered a message from the nice old man, who knew me from where I lived before - a message including the exact address.


A few weeks later Marianne followed up on the house clearing, and we glad to report that everything was now very calm, and we no longer experienced the strange events. Only 2 days after Marianne’s visit, our son ran freely around the house and slept alone in his own room without any problems. 


It is with warm gratitude that I give Marianne my recommendations.



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