I was born with psychic abilities and have spent the first half of my life studying spirituality and deepening my understanding of the spirit world.


I became very interested in the human psyche when I experienced a traumatising wake up call in my life. I had to work with myself and face the challenges to grow stronger and overcome the trauma. I then realised that we cannot ignore or meditate the deepest wounds away or send love to the people who have hurt us. We have to face the dragons in our life.


Today I help people, mostly women, to overcome whatever they have been going through in life so they can gain a stronger sense of themselves to create a fulfilling, healthy and meaningful life.  


I work from a holistic and spiritual view of life; that our body, mind, and spirit are all connected. I believe that no matter what we have gone through in life we can lift our selves up with the right help and support.


I use my strong intuition in the therapy sessions together with my professional skills to help you to better understand yourself and your soul's journey so you can make the most out of your life.


I will help you release old baggage that no longer serves you on a mental, psychical, emotional and spiritual level.


Therapy is an investment in you and your life!

© 2018 Marianne Milton Bache