Mediumship reading

All life is cyclical and dynamic. We are souls having a human experience on earth where we learn and develop through our life experiences in the seasons of life. When we die, we leave our physical body and enter the spirit world to reunite with those souls we knew on earth.  


It can be difficult to recover from the loss of a loved one, especially if it was unexpected, or you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye.  


In a mediumship reading, I invite your loved ones who have crossed to the other side, into my energy field to give them the opportunity to communicate with you. They will use their personality, appearance, and memories of common experiences to provide you with validation of their presence. Often, they also have a message regarding your life, which is important for them to convey to you.  


I do mediumship readings to confirm we survive physical death and that those who left to the spirit world still are with us.  Connecting with a loved one can be very healing and redeeming for both souls.

The loving bonds that connect people never die.